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Hello, my name is David Bez. I’m not a chef, I’m just a food lover, an Italian food lover. Born in Milan, I moved to London in 2008, where I've worked as Art Director and Graphic Designer since 2014, then many more years as freelance

The SaladPride Blog (since 2010)

I started eating salads in the office because I wanted something healthy for my lunch And I wanted something easy to prepare, easy enough to prepare at my desk.

My colleagues seemed to love my salads and kept wanting to tuck in. 
As even the junk food fans and the heavy meat eaters were fascinated by them, I thought they might interest a wider audience,  so I started to take pictures and posting them on a blog. I’ve been creating a new salad every single day for 4 year as a challenge and posting on them my blog.

It’s quite easy to get bored doing the same thing over and over again, and yet, because I love eating and I’m always curious to try different ingredients and flavours.  I use my imagination to make my lunch break an exciting occasion to explore new possibilities. That’s why I employ a variety of ingredients and I like to experiment by mixing and matching tastes.

Salad Love (2014)

Salad Love: How to Create a Lunchtime Salad, Every Weekday, in 20 Minutes or Less 

How many times have you gone through the morning counting down the minutes until it's time for lunch and your staple option of a sandwich, last night's leftover pasta, a visit to a local café or something from the freezer hastily heated up in the microwave? More often than not, what ends up in front of us is bland, expensive, unhealthy or just too similar to what we had yesterday — and the day before.

For three years, I've created a new salad at my desk, every workday, as a challenge. I've developed a winning formula for composing salads by base, vegetable or fruit, fresh herbs, protein toppings and dressings.


Breakfast Love (2016)

Breakfast Love: Perfect little bowls of quick, healthy breakfasts:
Perfect Little Bowls for Quick, Healthy Breakfasts.

After wowing us with Salad Love, he's back with more than 150 breakfasts for every season and every palate. Every bowl is a feast for the eyes and as pure and simple as possible. Composed of two fruits or vegetables, plus a combination of a cereal, a protein, a liquid like yoghurt or milk, and perhaps an extra topping such as fresh herbs, it s amazing how much variety and satisfaction you can get from just one bowl.



Supper Love (2017)

In my third book "Supper Love" there are 130 supper bowls for any season and every appetite. The options are endless and vary from light, raw and fresh, to hot, filling and wholesome. Every recipe in this stunning book is ultra simple and can be adapted to suit a different diet, such as vegan or vegetarian.


From Flexitarian to Vegetarian

Yes it’s been very trendy lately to go vegan, but for me it’s been a real call, my body is been creating the path.
While making my third book SupperLove, I felt pretty sink cooking meat and I realised that my body I was really refusing to it.
In the same time I’ve been exposed and I’ve watched to a lot of documentaries about animal farming that made me think I don’t want to be part of this. I do feel for the animal and I do feel for the consequences of animal farming on the planet.

SaladPride @ Neal's Yard Cafe in Seven Dials (2016-2017)

I’ve been dreaming of a cafe that reflected the ideas and the philosophy of natural, simple and good looking food, that has a big impact on your health and well being and it's also fair, sustainable and local.
So I've given up my 15 years old career in graphic design and I decided to create my dream cafe.
In March 2016 SaladPride Cafe at Neal's Yard is been created.

For 2 years we have been serving tasty and supercharging soups, salads and breakfasts, fresh juices, smoothies and cakes, gluten-free, dairy free and refined sugar-free (yes, it’s possible!), but mostly we championed fruits and veggies, local and sustainable artisans and farmers.



Plant Hub / Hackney (2018-20)

In 2019, together with Lauren Lovatt and Antonio Alderuccio, we funded Plant Hub in Hackney. The vision was to create a space where we could research plant based food excellence and in the same time serve comfort plant based food. 


Vegan Love (2022)

Recently Britain’s supermarkets and customers have been flooded with cheap, highly refined, very unnatural vegan replacements for meat, cheese to satisfy the need of the customers for more vegan options. And that's ok if you are trying to just swap the old habits with new ones. But a lot of vegans are reliving that those replacements are very unnatural, processed and not very healthy.

My approach is different, it’s about more about bringing big veggies to the next level and, together with pulses, show how simple can be.



Product Development & Branding Consultancy

Since the closure of my restaurant, Plant Hub, due to COVID, I've immersed myself in creating and developing products. Drawing on my branding expertise and six years of experience in gluten-free and vegan restaurants, I've honed my chef skills to craft innovative recipes that navigate the challenges of gluten-free and vegan cuisine. Additionally, my passion for sharing the delicacies of my Italian heritage drives me to introduce the UK public to the exquisite products from my motherland, enriching culinary experiences with the beauty of Italian gastronomy.


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