Plant Hub / Hackney

In 2019, together with Lauren Lovatt and Antonio Alderuccio, we funded Plant Hub in Hackney.

We decided to create a space where we could research plant based food excellence and in the same time serve comfort plant based food. 

We were inspired by using local and seasonal ingredients, we supported local farmers (like Wild Country Organics, The Wild Room, Duchess Fams) and local producers (like IAMNUTOKHackney Gelato, Hodmedods, Hackney Herbal and many more)

We always tried to make an impact by doing conscious food decisions everyday, by staying local, by being waste aware (free is not possible - we are realistic), choosing as much as possible organic, fair, suffering free ingredients and by being as much as possible mindful and smart. 

I've left Plant hub in December 2020 to go back to work as food writer and food developer.
  • Sue Cox

    "The book I have been waiting for for my largely raw and imaginative diet"

  • Ms. Diane Bailey

    WOW! Sheer genius! 'life changing' book.

  • Ilaria

    The cooking book every chef should own