SalaPride @ Neal's Yard / Seven Dials

I’ve been dreaming of a cafe that reflected the ideas and the philosophy of natural, simple and good looking food, that has a big impact on your health and well being and it's also fair, sustainable and local.

So I've given up my 15 years old career in graphic design and I decided to create my dream cafe.

I placed all my efforts to find seasonal and ethically produced ingredients and artisans that make the best produce and they care about what they do.

I created quality salads of course, but not just, I will do soups and plenty of beautiful things with plenty of veggie and vegan options and with a overall gluten free and refined sugar free offer.

The heritage of this little yard about conscious and ethical living was perfect match for me.

In March 2016 SaladPride Cafe at Neal's Yard is been created with the help of a successful Crowdfunding campaign.

For 2 years we have been serving tasty and supercharging soups, salads and breakfasts, fresh juices, smoothies and cakes, gluten-free, dairy free and refined sugar-free (yes, it’s possible!), but mostly we championed fruits and veggies, local and sustainable artisans and farmers.

SaladPride at Neal's Yard is now closed. 



  • Sue Cox

    "The book I have been waiting for for my largely raw and imaginative diet"

  • Ms. Diane Bailey

    WOW! Sheer genius! 'life changing' book.

  • Ilaria

    The cooking book every chef should own