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Born through the experience of my books and cafes SaladPride at Neal's Yard and the Plant Hub restaurant based in Hackney,  London, 

The SaladPride / Pride Kitchen
 has developed itself into a research studio and Consultancy for plant food exploration and development, working with organic, local and curated ingredients, to bring comfort food to the next level. 


Why Plant Based

While making SupperLove (my third book about soups), I felt pretty sick cooking meat and I realised that my body I was really refusing to it.
I then decided to turn SaladPride, my Covent Garden cafe Vegan.
Yes it’s been very trendy lately to go vegan, but for me it’s been a real call, my body is been creating the path.
In the same time I’ve been exposed and I’ve watched to a lot of documentaries about animal farming that made me think I don’t want to be part of this. I do feel for the animal and I do feel for the consequences of animal farming on the planet.

Why Gluten Free

When I opened my first SaladPride, my Covent Garden, I was well aware of the repercussions of gluten in your gut health, so I started to search for GF products to sell and, to my despair, I couldn't find any product that was up to my standard, so I started a long journey of research and development that made me develop, test e refine various GF and Vegan products.



Britain’s supermarkets are have flooded their shelves with cheap, highly refined, very unnatural vegan and gluten free foods to satisfy the need of the customers. A lot of non vegans are now very suspicious towards those unnatural and heavily processed foods.

Real plant based food should be aimed to satisfy both vegans and non vegans by serving organic, wholesome, natural and tasty veggies using modern culinary techniques and ancient traditions.

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