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My culinary journey has been a whirlwind of plant-based creativity, inspiring food enthusiasts to embrace the delicious world of wholesome eating. I'm passionate about all things plant-based, and my commitment extends far beyond just gluten-free options.

My career has been a testament to this dedication. I've launched and managed two exceptional restaurants, Pride Kitchen and Plant Hub, which have become hubs for plant-based innovation. These restaurants have allowed me to experiment with a wide range of plant-based creations, satisfying cravings and nourishing the body.

In addition to my restaurant ventures, I've authored books that empower individuals to adopt healthier and more sustainable eating habits. These books are filled with an array of plant-based recipes that showcase my unwavering commitment to both flavor and nutrition.

One of my most cherished accomplishments is my foray into product development. Collaborating with Sun & Seed, I've crafted a diverse array of unique, health-conscious products that have made a significant impact in the culinary world. From Nomelette to Gluten-Free Focaccia, Hemp*esan, Furikake, Dukkah, and the award-winning Salted Caramel Almond Spread, these creations are a testament to my versatility in the plant-based realm.

Beyond the kitchen, my services encompass a wide spectrum of plant-based culinary expertise. I can assist brands in branding, recipe development, marketing, and much more. My guidance is rooted in authenticity and a profound understanding of the diverse and ever-evolving plant-based market.

From my perspective, my journey is all about celebrating the limitless possibilities of plant-based cuisine. It's about helping brands bring their innovative visions to life, and it's a heartfelt invitation to everyone who shares my passion for delectable, sustainable, and wholesome food. If you're looking to make a mark in the world of plant-based culinary creations, I'm here to guide you on a journey of culinary excellence.

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